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  • Ex0tiX Gaming
    Ex0tiX Gaming

    Unspeakable: you can only buy one item Him: 50 items and he cheated in the game Frick you Nathan

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    Kyle Seeram

    i have two dogs and ther names are coco and oscar

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    Ha I love the videos

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    PaperFoxcraft 27

    4:47 minecraft spiders in water be like:

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    like tjis if you are amezed

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    congrats on hitting 10 mill !!!!!!

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    I won!!!

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    10 million subscribers

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    unspeakable😮😮😮 why u out of truck😮

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    I think I win 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

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    GREEEN TIME YAAAA am wearing green and its my fav color AND THE HOUSE IS AWESOME

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    Yr toys r so cute

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    I love dis video dis video is so cool

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    Unspeakable please I want one the PS five

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    i heard someone giggling and i saw a face

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    So scary😓😱😫

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    Nicole Kernich

    3:16 That chandelier has been through a lot

  • Anya Wild
    Anya Wild

    Him: you are roasting me like crazy me: I SPILLED HOT NOODLES ON MY FINGER!!! WHO GOT ROASTED NOW???

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    Keiven Pentz

    10 million

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    Abigail Johnson

    i like it when unspeakable flossed while holding an air horn i crackd me up!!!!!!!

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    do a part 2

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    I miss arcades 😭😭😭

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    Merry Cirismas ( cirismas is my Birthday)

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    I AM WATCHING IN 2021!

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    Prank James next with his own face making a weird face

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    u made me laff so hard

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    You should build a lego house inside the bubble

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    You got gilbert in whatever you draw I buy it

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    SYEDA NOOR FATIMA Stargate Campus

    unspeakable u just looked the lines at the starting of the video from your mobile

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    Bruh unspeakables time was 2015

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    i have 2 cat,s and the soke,s are trou

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    Unspecabule I,m your biggest fan

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    I know its impossible but someday I want to see an Unspeakable vid where they dont break ANYTHING

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    20 21

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    First ask how much it’s worth and then maybe sell it and if it is not worth a lot then keep

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    UNSPEAKABLE THE SCIENCE DUDE plzzzz make more videos

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    unspeakable you hit 10 mil subs i am going to say a joke YOU PICK THE WRONG HOUSE BODYYYYYYYYY hahaahhaahahahhahahahahahahahahahah

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    Janet Manzanares

    James: I’m a show him what a bellyfthlop looth like hmm I’m sthcared

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    Amber Willis

    Hey unspeakable 💝🔵🟪🇬🇧🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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    I repeated 12:53 20 times. It was too funny

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    *10 Million*

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    Favorite video yet

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    Playing games

    PART 3

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    Wow good night for the noob

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    Fill your house with unspeakable sand lol

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    Poor Gabe

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    We got 10m!!!!!!!!! yaaaaaaa

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    siva vasi

    The Nathan Fart. 12:53 James and Gabe's face reaction was too funny. I couldnt stop laughing

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    Can you make filling my house into water

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    Unspeakable plese ask her in one of your videos plese I will tell all of my friends to like and subscribe

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    You litrb

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    Dakota • Gaming

    When I was younger after I watched this video I made oobleck and I made a big mess

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    I saw something move past this screen and it White and now I’m scared

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    Yay you got 10m subs yay

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    Congrats on 10Mil!!!!!!!

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    TEAM GREEN all ways

  • bendy and eevee the ink demen and pokemon
    bendy and eevee the ink demen and pokemon

    Gabe: need's a one to win Nathen: NOT TADAY get's green green: switch places with the person in front nathen: need's one gets one YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

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    Conner Hunt

    He has more paper than my school

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    Alieha Sack

    Omfg 🤬 I was wearing headphones!!! 😡

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    Orly Goldman

    If I climbed up a roof I should die shout out to nathan

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    driver: we can just leave now me: WHAT ABOUT THE FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!

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    keys: benena

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    I saw gave fall off at 13:56

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    is that... PRESTON???????