100 Layers of STEEL vs World's Strongest LASER Challenge!
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  • Sushanth Annam
    Sushanth Annam

    Do 100 layers of lego

  • Prudentus Okany
    Prudentus Okany

    100 Layers tv

  • Paisley Navarrette
    Paisley Navarrette

    Gabe is a good drawer with a laser

  • Raymond Luke
    Raymond Luke

    A pick axe for a steal

  • charlie luckie
    charlie luckie

    That was my birthday on August 29th

  • Joy Herb
    Joy Herb

    use bedrock and beet a 100000000 lares of bedrock

  • noah bello de la o poop
    noah bello de la o poop


  • Herbalife

    I will never do this

  • Sharmin Shahid
    Sharmin Shahid

    A hundred TV's

  • Sharmin Shahid
    Sharmin Shahid


  • James Knight
    James Knight


  • succes kidXD
    succes kidXD

    thats as thicc as a battleships armor

  • Aida Granados
    Aida Granados

    Hay Preston did that

  • Shaonan Lin
    Shaonan Lin


  • Judy Exham
    Judy Exham

    you shuld do 200 layers of wood

  • Judy Exham
    Judy Exham

    I dont need your stuped merch

  • William Baxter
    William Baxter

    How much does it cost to buy the Lego house?????

  • Jarret Testerman
    Jarret Testerman


  • Kayden Clontz
    Kayden Clontz

    I’m nosumwune ckanbrackyoreunbrackbolckob

  • Ricardo Bernal
    Ricardo Bernal


  • Tully Bowman
    Tully Bowman

    A hundred layers of diamond

  • Meiyuen Low
    Meiyuen Low

    What about the laser

  • King Mojo
    King Mojo

    Lego 100 layers

  • Diego Pineda
    Diego Pineda

    yo next video should be a 100 layers of bedrock and 100 layers of obsidian and 100 layers of stone the only weapons you can use is diamond tools from minecraft example: diamond sword,diamond axe,diamond picaxe pls make this happen xD

  • Teresa Ward
    Teresa Ward

    Rip chair

  • Zi Xin Wu
    Zi Xin Wu

    Do 100 layers of legos!

  • Gunnar Abel
    Gunnar Abel

    just james like with the laser or blow up!

  • Tara Ross
    Tara Ross

    use a chain saw bruh

  • Ace SuprSwty
    Ace SuprSwty

    When he doesn’t actually use the lazar on the steel

  • Keagan Newell
    Keagan Newell

    Lol that laser is sick!

  • DOM THE PRO#3005 Pro
    DOM THE PRO#3005 Pro

    a you know the steal was tenfoyle right

  • HyperGabe M
    HyperGabe M

    Why did you swear

  • Owen Collins
    Owen Collins

    You should totally do 100 layers of pure tungsten hear me out on this just be funny watching you suffer

  • Hudson Afarian
    Hudson Afarian

    Do lagest anvill in the world vs 100000 layers of steel

  • BarncleBoy3008

    5000mW 532nM Beam Light Laser is the strongest laser in the world.

  • Carl Silsby
    Carl Silsby


  • Charlotte Laxen
    Charlotte Laxen

    That Maisie could breakthrough 10 100 level tungus than I bet

  • Travis Holbrook
    Travis Holbrook

    You are the best Unspeakable!!!!

  • Dylan Mazurco
    Dylan Mazurco

    Try to break through 100 layers of I phones

  • Geovanni Berduo
    Geovanni Berduo

    100 lar of gold

  • Anthony Mackenna
    Anthony Mackenna

    All this stuff to always stay

    • Anthony Mackenna
      Anthony Mackenna




  • Sophie A
    Sophie A

    Can I have the lazer😶😶😶😶😶🤔

    • Sophie A
      Sophie A

      Like we can have anything because he said everything is for sale:)😅

  • Danielle Morton
    Danielle Morton

    Did did outdo Asia did did did food

  • Danielle Morton
    Danielle Morton


    • Danielle Morton
      Danielle Morton


    • Danielle Morton
      Danielle Morton


  • Shondell Hi
    Shondell Hi


  • Tiffany Collins
    Tiffany Collins

    Yeah this is awesome but I can’t even help it get better blah blah go but I want to love you because you because I love you and your boys are the best yeah why do everybody want to see your big steel will you show me more Minecraft you’re so funny you should make more and try not to laugh challenges of me singing shark they are awesome they always make me laugh so hard and I don’t even laugh often

  • Joanna Jones
    Joanna Jones

    How much is 1000000000000 Unspeakable shirts

  • Angel Matt
    Angel Matt

    Hi uspeubll

  • Angel Matt
    Angel Matt

    Hi in yore bigist fan

  • Green gaming
    Green gaming

    did you say everything I’m with the Lego house

  • Princesa Encinas
    Princesa Encinas


  • Princesa Encinas
    Princesa Encinas


  • richnseliena

    New shoe Pooh POO la you what what what the it’s earthworm sally carrying diseases from Florida to see HANY China I don’t know how to spell China Lala

  • Milkyy Moonlight
    Milkyy Moonlight

    Giant legos? Sale? HmmmMMM

  • Charlotte Haram
    Charlotte Haram

    Banana eat a video please

  • KingDark 213
    KingDark 213

    100 Leyares bedrok

  • Amy VanBelle
    Amy VanBelle


  • Matt Butler
    Matt Butler

    Imagine if you needed a CIRCULAR or CHAIN SAW to get through the steel?! I wouldn't be surprised if you DID.


    100 Sky Drop you 1000000000



  • Paige girl 300
    Paige girl 300

    R. I .P Merch

    • Paige girl 300
      Paige girl 300

      Oh my

  • Animated Jaxon
    Animated Jaxon

    is the merch stronger then my 4 sharp teeth???

  • mayson sikes
    mayson sikes


  • Robert Turner
    Robert Turner


  • Mia💕Dubai

    Nathan: Everything you see in this video is on sale Me: so does that mean YoUr On SaLe?! Lol

  • Lexi Mcdonald
    Lexi Mcdonald

    Team Preston I’ll put 100 layers of duck tape

  • Monkey Vil
    Monkey Vil

    Break one hundred layers of ice

  • khai dean
    khai dean

    use a flame trower

  • sotsoni0205

    You will always be remembered unspeakable merch ❤️😶💖🖤❤️💛💚💙💜

  • Alex Play
    Alex Play

    the merch is undistructuble!!!!!!

  • Julia Butterworth
    Julia Butterworth

    Now you can tell Preston you have fire murch

  • 김진희

    R.I.P. Unspeakable merch 😭

  • Kirsten England
    Kirsten England

    That laser was powerful

  • ziyang luo
    ziyang luo

    Use a gun

  • Valleri Merrill
    Valleri Merrill

    If everything is for sale can I have the LEGO house 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Carrie B
    Carrie B

    100 layers of Legos

  • Jesse Walters
    Jesse Walters

    100 Lars of legos

  • Corrupted Pink
    Corrupted Pink


  • Spider Square
    Spider Square

    I have you on measure please message me please 🥺

  • Spider Square
    Spider Square

    Can I have the lazer because I have a UZload channel

  • Ibrahim Daboul
    Ibrahim Daboul

    1000000 layers of bombs

  • Lava Ultimate
    Lava Ultimate

    I don't like your videos

  • Faisal Irshad
    Faisal Irshad

    unspeakable i want a mach d texact

  • Angeli Velez
    Angeli Velez

    tsar bomb

  • Angeli Velez
    Angeli Velez

    100 layers of titanium

  • Samuel Gleeson
    Samuel Gleeson

    100 pilos

  • Lil Snake
    Lil Snake

    So can I have your LEGO house lol

  • rodney peterson
    rodney peterson

    100000 people what to See the laser go through the steel

  • rodney peterson
    rodney peterson

    OMG 😮😮😮😮😮😮

  • Kaleb Wood
    Kaleb Wood

    do one hunded lares of cars

  • Trevor Smith
    Trevor Smith

    Use a drill

  • BigMomma14 thomson
    BigMomma14 thomson

    👎 yet it

  • Liam Brewer
    Liam Brewer


  • Liam Brewer
    Liam Brewer

    Nathen:everything in this video is for sale!!! Me:can i buy you???

  • Dorcas Addo
    Dorcas Addo

    Add everything together

  • Kailyn Stewart
    Kailyn Stewart

    100 layers of cookies and 100 layers of pumpkins

  • Jack Parker
    Jack Parker

    if everything is for sale then how much is the spear and the laser

  • Riley Cook
    Riley Cook


  • Mariah Braydon
    Mariah Braydon

    Hundred layers of Legos

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