Exploring A REAL Haunted House At MIDNIGHT!
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  • Unspeakable

    Should we try to explore it more??

    • John Lamar
      John Lamar


    • Travis Luper
      Travis Luper


    • CPGames

      Yes you should

    • Hermione Todd
      Hermione Todd

      Yeeesss pllllzzzz

    • Chill raiders still chill Chill raiders still chill
      Chill raiders still chill Chill raiders still chill

      Unspeakable no bc I know what is going on I’ve readed the Bible he has a demon on his back or maybe he opened a Luigi board and he dident close it


    i see somthing really sus there was a guy with a knife looking at u


    I think camera man are so scared then all

  • Liezel Posthumus
    Liezel Posthumus

    nathan.if i see something run acrooss there im out.few min later nathan sees somthing run across the adic

  • Bhargavi Karanam
    Bhargavi Karanam

    yes neten

  • Liezel Posthumus
    Liezel Posthumus

    when james was talking about being alone i saw a littel girl she looks like she was stabed

  • Elizabeth Chal
    Elizabeth Chal

    I see a 👻 he try to get out and i try to say what the what is that and i see it but you need to be ok but i have to go now but dye

  • Tran Vu
    Tran Vu

    U know carter!!!!!!!!!' WOW

  • Camaryn Holloway
    Camaryn Holloway

    I herd something

  • e sumple
    e sumple

    Spooky house

  • Evan Rosenberg
    Evan Rosenberg

    You should explore the whole thing

  • RobloxGamer _
    RobloxGamer _

    I almost pooped myself of watching this if the shadow and all the ghost was in there

  • Karolyn Sollace
    Karolyn Sollace


  • Rosa Dokic
    Rosa Dokic

    why are you doing this!

  • Jhon Luis Balaoing
    Jhon Luis Balaoing

    To make it more scarier or you want to talk to the ghost buy a wiJi board ;-;

  • Jeannie McPherson
    Jeannie McPherson


  • Jeannie McPherson
    Jeannie McPherson


  • Layan Sahli
    Layan Sahli


  • CC9 LOL
    CC9 LOL

    I swear I saw 2 glowing eyes when they planned to leave

  • Itz_ FourLeafClover
    Itz_ FourLeafClover

    Im very happy i dont have an atic or a basement, cause then ill never be in that house again=[

  • kookykonrad

    I. I'm staying with my family

  • kookykonrad

    Yes you can explore more

  • Sergio Esteva
    Sergio Esteva

    I was not happy

  • Sergio Esteva
    Sergio Esteva

    Today my toilet was on

  • Lorenz Matthew Cabiling
    Lorenz Matthew Cabiling


  • Allison Ingram
    Allison Ingram


  • MHamed Faher
    MHamed Faher

    that scary dude live a like if this is real scary

  • Czarina Suzuki
    Czarina Suzuki


  • Tommy Miones
    Tommy Miones

    so nobody gonna talk about the end that there was a ghost running by? no only me? alright nice



  • Andy Plaza
    Andy Plaza

    I am scared

  • Andy Plaza
    Andy Plaza

    Did some body so a somting at the window ???

  • Jennifer Fergerson
    Jennifer Fergerson

    I saw a ghost

  • Savannah Frizzell
    Savannah Frizzell


  • Olivia Horner
    Olivia Horner

    Wow that is spooky there’s definitely a ghost

  • queen_M16

    “3:04” I saw something, sus much! “12:40” there’s something in the window bro that stech

  • Bunnie

    I did notice something at about 12:40 when you look at the window behind James and right when Nathan says “Yo” I see something pass the window...it might have been a light, however I am not sure.....


    3:34 if u puase right there i kind see a shadow silluwet in the background near the door

  • MrsMelissa0129

    I feel like statues are watching it kind of all the time I also feel like my paintings are watching me I get super worried like things move when I’m sleeping this is cool maybe just maybe scary I don’t really know because I kind of enjoyed it but did the other guy that went into the little room I forgot his name but I want to know what a room did he come back where

  • Cheryl Bailey
    Cheryl Bailey

    I saw someone in the window starring into the attic

  • Emily Mata
    Emily Mata

    Is it just me or did I saw something in 12:41on the window when they were entering in the basement or am I just Trippen😅😅😳😳

  • Nevaeh Sommers
    Nevaeh Sommers


  • Nevaeh Sommers
    Nevaeh Sommers


  • Liberte Dinanga
    Liberte Dinanga


  • Brenda Lucas
    Brenda Lucas

    THE DOOR Opened

  • Andy L
    Andy L

    I 👀 something move in 3:55

  • Sebastian Bishop
    Sebastian Bishop

    carter wint in the atick and basmint in his vid

  • Sebastian Bishop
    Sebastian Bishop

    cam man has not jumped yet

  • Sebastian Bishop
    Sebastian Bishop

    games so scard he eats his bereto so he dont poop beacaus of he scard

  • Kier Mangalindan
    Kier Mangalindan

    I saw somone at the back of James he was black and flying

  • Sebastian Bishop
    Sebastian Bishop

    leav a like and hit that sub for the cam man and show some love to unspeakabel for this am i right

  • Sebastian Bishop
    Sebastian Bishop

    yall hear stuff and its 3am wow idk if i triping but i cant move

  • Sebastian Bishop
    Sebastian Bishop

    games is so funny LOL

  • Sebastian Bishop
    Sebastian Bishop

    games is sus he was licking his backpack LOL

  • GrayGirlMC

    3:20 the door screeching

  • James Vaughn
    James Vaughn

    I Have A Ghost At My House. But Its Friendly. Mostly Moving Things,Whispering,And Messing With Our Trash Can We Have Cats And They Chase The Air. Assuming Thats The Ghost

  • amany omar
    amany omar

    i was so scared when the door on camera opend

  • Likkilesh Reddy
    Likkilesh Reddy


  • Glenn Daigdigan
    Glenn Daigdigan

    It's not scary it's funny 😆😆😆😆😆🙀🙀😄😄🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀🙀

  • Chanelle Norman
    Chanelle Norman

    I saw a the door open by it’s self

  • bluepink mangle
    bluepink mangle

    Covid 19 ghost

  • Tracy B
    Tracy B

    At 12:50 something moved 😨😨😨😨😓😓😓😫😫😫

  • Gamingboy 1554
    Gamingboy 1554

    9:24 unspeakable: no lie I just saw something like moved like I'm not even messing with you no like legit idk if it's a shadow but it was no lie over there I am 100% legit it was just like a quick like I'm being like a hundred like legit like I am Seconds later.... No like I'm being 100% serious like I saw a quick

  • ClevorTrevor12


  • Barbara Corong
    Barbara Corong

    I was scared a little bit but i almost pee my pants

  • E COX
    E COX

    Jrgfyu Hgghgf

  • Ashley Gabbard
    Ashley Gabbard


  • Sila Fifita
    Sila Fifita

    this haunted house is so scary but I think it's carter sharer

  • cruiseaharley01


  • Wolf Master3100
    Wolf Master3100

    In one of the parts it was blurry so a ghost was there

  • DeKontee Pyne
    DeKontee Pyne


  • DeKontee Pyne
    DeKontee Pyne


  • DeKontee Pyne
    DeKontee Pyne


  • DeKontee Pyne
    DeKontee Pyne


  • Joss & Peyt
    Joss & Peyt

    Gabe: Can you make a noise perhaps James: farts

  • Angela Szobar
    Angela Szobar

    I saw a body

  • Lilya Pastel
    Lilya Pastel

    I SWEAR when the door opened on the camera I saw something or someone walking reply if you saw that to

  • Armando Gardea
    Armando Gardea


  • GamerPlayerTDH

    the ghost be like: this is just ridiculous! just flipping find me!!

  • Shiro_Yugi_Gaming

    I definitely want to see what was on that kaset tape! You guys should totally try and watch it!

  • Gurnoor Sran
    Gurnoor Sran

    Carter:if you die call me Me:how can Nathan call you when he is dead or James and gabe

  • CreamSoda_EditsxX

    Guys at 10:48 the door by Nathan opened and shut by itself,or it might of just been me ;-;

  • Daniel Baca
    Daniel Baca

    my dads account lol if u r a Christian go downstairs with the cross and explore more say Jesus the demons treble when you say Jesus Gabe: GUU/JESUS ghost: runs and screams

  • Brody D'Souza
    Brody D'Souza

    btw 90 years ago lol

  • Isaac Seidenstock
    Isaac Seidenstock

    i like coyote more than you

  • Tao Patella
    Tao Patella

    when you said I saw I ghost runing to the poll i almost ran like heck

  • Austen Amacker
    Austen Amacker

    at the end i saw a monster

  • Ira Calico
    Ira Calico

    Carter share

  • Skylar McKinney
    Skylar McKinney

    May 19 is my b-day

  • Skylar McKinney
    Skylar McKinney

    yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

  • Mama Sonia Family
    Mama Sonia Family

    Hey Unspeakable

  • Mark Thomas
    Mark Thomas

    i saw a foot :) ........ of yours

  • Diamond Panda
    Diamond Panda


  • Nawzad Rahim
    Nawzad Rahim

    So I saw James at window leaking on

  • Andre K
    Andre K

    unspeakable someone laugh in that house

  • Zeke Eastman
    Zeke Eastman

    Wegii board for meeting with ghosts

  • Gio John Scott Villamil
    Gio John Scott Villamil

    Nathan i saw a door open

  • Gio John Scott Villamil
    Gio John Scott Villamil

    Yeah nathan

  • Gio John Scott Villamil
    Gio John Scott Villamil


  • Dylan Watts
    Dylan Watts

    When they walked down to the basement I saw something at the window