Which Boat Can Survive The WAVE?
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  • Quan Vu
    Quan Vu


  • Quan Vu
    Quan Vu


  • Quan Vu
    Quan Vu


  • Quan Vu
    Quan Vu


  • Quan Vu
    Quan Vu


  • Quan Vu
    Quan Vu


  • Quan Vu
    Quan Vu


  • Katie Steinborn
    Katie Steinborn

    I think the mincrapht boat will win

  • Naruto WRLD
    Naruto WRLD

    Unspeakable aka ‘Speakable’

  • Katie Buchholz
    Katie Buchholz

    Minecraft is the best.

  • John Luick
    John Luick

    I like turtles

  • Suka Bljat
    Suka Bljat

    ? 😀

  • ThatTallGuy

    Can you do a 24hors in water

  • TTv_thats me
    TTv_thats me

    you're so bad and childish

  • Kellie Ewins
    Kellie Ewins

    U dident do a day why😡

  • Diego GarciaFigueroa
    Diego GarciaFigueroa


  • Higinia Solis
    Higinia Solis

    This no tutor

  • Madison Thomas
    Madison Thomas

    Minecraft boat is da best

    • Madison Thomas
      Madison Thomas

      Leave a like if u agree

  • Harrison Appleby
    Harrison Appleby

    I think C because it could be reinforced glass.

  • Gheorghe Palivan
    Gheorghe Palivan

    I cort a way bigger fish! Like 3 times the size!

  • CoryDee51

    Glass is going to win😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛😛

  • Colm Ryan
    Colm Ryan

    Last to leave the boat

  • Jenny Mills
    Jenny Mills

    James. Like if you agree.👍

  • Jenny Mills
    Jenny Mills

    James is going to win.

  • Jenny Mills
    Jenny Mills


  • Joel Munoz
    Joel Munoz

    I agree for the 24 hours Boatchallenge

  • Wilma Gray
    Wilma Gray

    if you have a glass boat look down to the pond and see the fish you put in

  • Wacko Dy
    Wacko Dy

    😂😂😂😂😂 Makes my day

  • Wacko Dy
    Wacko Dy

    😂😂😂😂😂 Makes my day

  • Katchi Mohamed
    Katchi Mohamed

    Wow how

  • Nazeer De vos
    Nazeer De vos

    I think GABE is going to win and survive to be honest

  • Nazeer De vos
    Nazeer De vos

    i have got so much of your unspeakable merch

  • Kalyx Lun
    Kalyx Lun

    I think unspeakable is going to win

  • BindingCloth

    yea you should but every hour the boat gets smaller and every minute there are challenges Like if you agree to me too!

  • littlelovegirl 868
    littlelovegirl 868


  • Huzaifa Cheema
    Huzaifa Cheema

    Gabe won

  • Kaz Ra
    Kaz Ra


  • Kimberly Smith
    Kimberly Smith


  • jayma mcgee
    jayma mcgee

    I love this video and don't forget to leave a like and subscribe to his channel to support him i subscribed to his channel to

    • jayma mcgee
      jayma mcgee

      I liked the videos to love his UZload channel

  • Talat Ahmed
    Talat Ahmed


  • ZK Games
    ZK Games


  • Jeremy Clark
    Jeremy Clark

    Nathan’s bots

  • Gavin Carnahan
    Gavin Carnahan

    Glass boat

  • Aryianna Meek
    Aryianna Meek

    I thing gabe won

  • Calebe Seborro
    Calebe Seborro


  • benko andersen
    benko andersen

    i think nathan(unspeakable) is gonna win

  • Huzaifa Cheema
    Huzaifa Cheema

    I think Gabe looks the most fancy

  • Alex Josing
    Alex Josing


  • Jayne Appleby
    Jayne Appleby

    I say James won

  • Leo Rockstar
    Leo Rockstar

    Lego bote

  • samantha spencer
    samantha spencer

    New new boiler laff laff not laff laff laff

  • Karen Neiman
    Karen Neiman

    unspeakable won bc he lost them all!



  • Kayleigh Smith
    Kayleigh Smith

    hi unspeakable i am your bigist fan

  • Kayleigh Smith
    Kayleigh Smith

    hi un

  • JD Allen
    JD Allen

    I love boats

  • Malek Ahmed
    Malek Ahmed

    unspeakable won the challenge

  • Exploding Burger E2
    Exploding Burger E2

    They call him Unspeakable but says 7000 words per day!!!

  • Rainah Brown
    Rainah Brown

    i think i liked the glass boat

  • Xian Bradley Yu
    Xian Bradley Yu

    The winner is unspeakable i think

  • Keith Mitchell
    Keith Mitchell

    It is not a good idea to have a batter in the boat

  • Keith Mitchell
    Keith Mitchell

    Wow you lost to a noob at fishing

  • Afui Ceku
    Afui Ceku

    I vote unspeakable

  • Pravanshu Satapathy
    Pravanshu Satapathy

    The mincraft boat is a natural type of boat so i think it will win

  • Chase Kawakami
    Chase Kawakami


  • Miriam McCullough
    Miriam McCullough


  • Jayden Fonseca
    Jayden Fonseca


  • Success Kid
    Success Kid

    You’re not unspeakable himself who posted this on UZload

  • Shawnee Pollard
    Shawnee Pollard

    Batteries near water really?

  • Jose Flores
    Jose Flores


  • Janelle Bisnath
    Janelle Bisnath

    my name is gabrielle

  • CP Palazzolo
    CP Palazzolo


  • Eleanor D
    Eleanor D

    The lego one

  • Thunder 101
    Thunder 101

    What do mean the subscribe button is red? Its grey. Love your videos

  • Logan Dow
    Logan Dow

    Minecraft boat will obviously win

  • ReducedShark342 aka. P1KACHU99
    ReducedShark342 aka. P1KACHU99

    I've played a lot of Minecraft, and i think the mc boat will win

  • Ghoul_ Trooper
    Ghoul_ Trooper


  • Megan Ramsay
    Megan Ramsay

    I don't know how to craft a bout I'm a nood

  • jake7451 jake7451
    jake7451 jake7451


  • Kevin Tamayo
    Kevin Tamayo

    I love yours videos

  • Todd Cameron
    Todd Cameron


  • Misty Orr
    Misty Orr

    This video is pretty awesome!

  • Yen Kim
    Yen Kim


  • michelle price
    michelle price

    Unspeakable one

  • michelle price
    michelle price

    Unspeakable one

  • michelle price
    michelle price

    Unspeakable one

  • michelle price
    michelle price

    Unspeakable one

  • michelle price
    michelle price

    Unspeakable one

  • Alejandro Valenzuela
    Alejandro Valenzuela

    Do a hole bout race but all over the island house 3 laps

  • Nasrin Begum
    Nasrin Begum

    I think James

  • Nicola Hedgecock
    Nicola Hedgecock

    me and my kid said lego or unspeakable boat

  • Charlie-Rose Brown
    Charlie-Rose Brown

    I think james

  • crazy kid
    crazy kid

    I thought gabe

  • Steve Brown
    Steve Brown

    Lego boat

  • alanalexi caringal
    alanalexi caringal

    I didn’t watch if fully but i think gabe

  • scott bath
    scott bath

    I like the mincraft boat ⛵️

  • Arthur McBoyle
    Arthur McBoyle


  • Seann Gamer
    Seann Gamer

    No one: James at 13:42 James:yo i cant believe were in a fish tank dude *laughs* Funniest thing ever

  • Thom Day
    Thom Day

    the wood boat

  • Thom Day
    Thom Day