I Turned My ENTIRE House Into LAVA!
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  • Abdalrahman Alalami
    Abdalrahman Alalami

    If ur playing hop patato it’s hot patato

  • Abdalrahman Alalami
    Abdalrahman Alalami

    Guys let’s explode the subscribe button and like button Get it

  • Brady Backus
    Brady Backus

    I am obsessed with your channel I had a dream of going to your house

  • Cupquake

    I think Gabe should take the win

  • Debi Deb
    Debi Deb

    I love when you dress for the Legos but you have to you know build and Island again or build the house with random stuff like lots of random stuff

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams

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  • Nikki Twaddell
    Nikki Twaddell

    LOL yeah LOL

  • Lindsey Capell
    Lindsey Capell

    Why are you on legos unspeakable

  • Sharon Woodley
    Sharon Woodley


  • Sharon Woodley
    Sharon Woodley


  • ThundeS33D4NK11 :P
    ThundeS33D4NK11 :P

    This is how gabe fell on the lava I I V

  • Eystreem my favorite youtuber
    Eystreem my favorite youtuber

    He thor🥣🥪🍳🥐🥞🍳🥣🥞🥪🥞🍳🥐🥓🍹

  • Katya Tretyak
    Katya Tretyak

    Unspeakable fill up your whole entire house with Orby’s lava snow water icicles Legos little Legos fill up your whole entire house with Beyblade’s

  • Katya Tretyak
    Katya Tretyak

    S Unspeakable try to fill up your house the real lava real life lava not even kidding

  • Daniel Bragg
    Daniel Bragg

    Nooooooo James you let me down

  • Andrew Hoffman
    Andrew Hoffman


  • Nicolas Hughie
    Nicolas Hughie

    Unspeakable cheated because he was on the stairs

  • Jen Cashin
    Jen Cashin

    Hey unspeakable, next time you do this, You should make pathway but make the legos sideways! Then you can walk it peacefully!

  • Bernie Salutan
    Bernie Salutan

    i thought this was a floor is lava challenge... now i know that this is not a floor is lava challenge

  • Elvin Pranata Joe
    Elvin Pranata Joe


  • Calvin Lathan
    Calvin Lathan

    you be like yaaaaaaaaaaa boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy😵😵😵

  • Keri Vion
    Keri Vion

    i wonted gade to win

  • Natalee McGhee
    Natalee McGhee

    Why Gabe sooo 😦😧

  • Calix Migo Mercado
    Calix Migo Mercado

    Crazy mans of Dum

  • Calix Migo Mercado
    Calix Migo Mercado

    This is crazy Gabe is crazy guy hahaha

  • Calix Migo Mercado
    Calix Migo Mercado

    Duum Gabe sily hahaha

  • Lily Bell
    Lily Bell

    Dose your friends live with you

  • SkyLandForever


  • SkyLandForever

    I hope you never stop making your videos

  • SkyLandForever

    Unspeakable you are my hero

  • Lavada Foster
    Lavada Foster

    It will also help you get your first game into the game with the best players on your team has been the last time that they have been able to play the game

  • iLiKeMeMeS :D
    iLiKeMeMeS :D

    Houston? We have a big hot situation...

  • Glenda Wilson
    Glenda Wilson

    You now that it is face

  • Lachlan Corliss
    Lachlan Corliss

    Gabe:Ethan James:Charlie Unspeapkle:Nathan

  • Daivik's World
    Daivik's World

    15:51 you had a better choice

  • brittnee greenaway
    brittnee greenaway

    I like your cut G

  • Katlyn Haan
    Katlyn Haan


  • jimmi limart
    jimmi limart

    Not make any sence

  • jimmi limart
    jimmi limart

    Hold on legos not burning!!!!

  • jimmi limart
    jimmi limart

    did any won see Gabe touch the lava???

  • jimmi limart
    jimmi limart

    lava water fall/lava fall

  • jimmi limart
    jimmi limart

    wait a second'_' is just a paper lava

  • jimmi limart
    jimmi limart

    How is not burning the house?

  • jimmi limart
    jimmi limart

    What about floor is Virus

  • jimmi limart
    jimmi limart

    is simon is alive?

  • jimmi limart
    jimmi limart

    Now is a hot floor

  • Slappy III
    Slappy III

    2:34, then it turned white like smoke if you subscribe

  • Susana Hernandez
    Susana Hernandez

    My kids:It looked like Gabe fell down

  • Nikko Garfias
    Nikko Garfias

    6:51 🛂

  • Sharpwolf56

    I saw Guu on lava!!

  • Sharpwolf56


  • Brandi Lapp
    Brandi Lapp

    I bought unspeakable merch and this is like the floor is lava challenge

  • Ant Films
    Ant Films

    You are so funny ha ha🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Marsha Connell
    Marsha Connell

    0:00-0:20 5:59-6:17 15:35-15:53

  • AJ Murray
    AJ Murray


  • AJ Murray
    AJ Murray

    6:16 by lava

  • Julian Chavez
    Julian Chavez

    ms james 8:10 to 8:13


    they could have also used those things for your feet so theres no dirty stuff

    • Glenda Wilson
      Glenda Wilson


    • Deena Adkins
      Deena Adkins



    at 4:20 he steps on the lava if you look closely so he pretty much lost but is keeping it a secret

    • Tyson Games :P
      Tyson Games :P


  • Marc GUNARSO
    Marc GUNARSO

    ThE fLoOr Is LaVa

  • Judy Martin
    Judy Martin

    is it fake lava

  • Tobias Eng
    Tobias Eng

    Me when I forget you can crouch on magma 15:54

  • Tobias Eng
    Tobias Eng

    Me finding lava 0:13 while mining for diamonds

  • Keira Campanelli
    Keira Campanelli

    Gabe is stopid

  • Keira Campanelli
    Keira Campanelli

    I'm a little kid. My name is Keira.

  • Keira Campanelli
    Keira Campanelli


  • Breanna Armstrong
    Breanna Armstrong

    James did touch the floor so I think you should be out

  • D P
    D P

    Make a video a lava video in a park

  • Payton Stogner
    Payton Stogner


  • David Duarte, Jr.
    David Duarte, Jr.

    F A Z E C L A N

  • Richard Munoz
    Richard Munoz


  • Jose Gonzales
    Jose Gonzales

    100 water that will make sense but is fake

  • Sf viper
    Sf viper

    nooooo james

  • Fikile Mabaso
    Fikile Mabaso


  • Riaan Bezuidenhout
    Riaan Bezuidenhout

    lol this vid was made on my b day

  • Davidplayz Ez
    Davidplayz Ez

    Dude it fake lava the camera man is standing on the lava it not real

  • Sandy Short
    Sandy Short

    unspeakable movie rated pg

  • Kennedy Strong
    Kennedy Strong


  • Kennedy Strong
    Kennedy Strong

    Warning ❌ dont do this at home kids no throwing water melon were if sockets on a counter thank you🙂and be safe

    • Jack Is Back
      Jack Is Back

      Exactly thank you for putting out that message candy strong

  • Jumanh game play
    Jumanh game play

    4)What is the lava made out of is it blocks or is it made out of

  • jaygameing737 Jimenez
    jaygameing737 Jimenez

    Scoot green thingy

  • Error Hacker
    Error Hacker

    E floor is lava!!!!

    • Jack Is Back
      Jack Is Back

      Bro you a hacker

  • Ali Pea
    Ali Pea

    Hi if he replies I will cry of happynes

  • Amiel Lonzanida
    Amiel Lonzanida

    Hey i dont like nathan

  • Mobile Legend
    Mobile Legend

    Omg ☺😊😀7$//!/7

  • Mobile Legend
    Mobile Legend

    itu unspeakable lava gem itu apakan

  • Jaden Sayno
    Jaden Sayno

    The lava is fake I know that

  • Alvinjames Sardeniola
    Alvinjames Sardeniola

    Hey the fan is still on

  • Flor Liwag
    Flor Liwag

    Poor Sloth

  • Crystal Almarez
    Crystal Almarez

    Thats pretty Scaru

  • Sylox XD
    Sylox XD

    u could just use a wheel chair


    that sloth is dying

  • michelle Spence
    michelle Spence

    Eu sou rock of loba

  • michelle Spence
    michelle Spence

    Eu sou rock of

  • R P
    R P

    Vhhv hhvhvhvvhh hvvhvhvbbb b

  • Bonnies Pizzeria
    Bonnies Pizzeria

    Oops 😬

  • Bonnies Pizzeria
    Bonnies Pizzeria

    Unspeakable your not a frog your a green guy with a big mouth. It said it on amazon.

  • Bonnies Pizzeria
    Bonnies Pizzeria


  • Denitra Pace
    Denitra Pace

    You are being mean to GABE lol he saw real lava

  • Stacci Ip
    Stacci Ip

    It is their not there