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  • Teevedee Mooroogiah
    Teevedee Mooroogiah

    You can put acid please it wil be so cool

  • JP Swope
    JP Swope

    Hey unspeakable can you go sub to my channel and Aiden and can you come to Florida and go to outer road and go to Tesla Tallahassee and I want to make a UZload video of me mine 770

  • Alisa Conger
    Alisa Conger

    idea what if you made a house with the indestructible cube

  • Codiemarie Simpson
    Codiemarie Simpson

    Unspeakable Why dolls

  • Jose Perez Jr
    Jose Perez Jr


  • Oko Lol
    Oko Lol

    i dide of lafing in11;12

  • lin zainuddin
    lin zainuddin

    You make it stonger cause lava+water=obsidian

  • lin zainuddin
    lin zainuddin

    Us 10000 pound oobleck vs the cube

  • SWEAT Storm
    SWEAT Storm

    I don't understand everyone's comments

  • roxann brown
    roxann brown

    I'm sad so so sad every UZload or that makes please I never get to have one it's very upsetting because now I don't have Instagram or Twitter whatever that kind of stuff is cry face

  • Vedant Nalavade
    Vedant Nalavade


  • Violet Mcgrath
    Violet Mcgrath


  • Nathan Preston
    Nathan Preston

    Rip rc car

  • Lisa Tillery
    Lisa Tillery

    I did

  • Plush adventures
    Plush adventures

    Gabe:lets see the cube dive Me:second try it is done for it Cube:OH YEAH Trampoline:nope Me again:its time for Africa

  • Robin Jackson
    Robin Jackson


  • Raz Awami
    Raz Awami

    I will meet the unspeakable toy

    • Raz Awami
      Raz Awami


  • Jamie Chabitch
    Jamie Chabitch

    Nice vid๐Ÿ™ƒ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ–ค

  • Evan Cassan
    Evan Cassan


  • JoJo's DogHouse
    JoJo's DogHouse

    As most people know Tungsten aka Wolfram is a highly heat resistant metal.... but it was funny to see them try!

    • Ryan Johnson
      Ryan Johnson

      I think tungsten melting point is 3240ยฐ

  • Hunter Price
    Hunter Price

    The shield that they are using is for airsoft.

  • Sylent Wrath
    Sylent Wrath

    Instead of the cube bouncing the trampoline bounced lol

  • Isaac An
    Isaac An

    The trapoline jumped when the cube went through the trampoline

  • Isaac An
    Isaac An

    What the

  • those vibez
    those vibez


    • those vibez
      those vibez


  • Payal Mukherjee
    Payal Mukherjee

    Unspeakable: its the temperature of the sun This is why u should study kids

    • Ryan Johnson
      Ryan Johnson

      Did he actually say that

  • John Prieto
    John Prieto


  • Btrain Thomas1
    Btrain Thomas1

    That is a hard way to win something even though you can just go to the store and get one also who is watching this in 2020

  • Wha_zulu Boy
    Wha_zulu Boy

    10 pounds of lava๐Ÿ”ฅ

  • Olivia Robson
    Olivia Robson


  • Sharkmasterplayz

    Just find the hacksmith he can break it

  • Carson Montano Clark
    Carson Montano Clark

    Do you want to video that the UZload channel me the best you tuber in the world because my name Kasun make it a big shadow you give me that on Facebook or toy we value whatever you want OK whatโ€™s your money OK

  • Bianca Spiller
    Bianca Spiller

    yoos the shogis lazre

  • Ex Sanchez
    Ex Sanchez

    UNSPEAKABLE!!!!! Why are you still not doing a part two Iโ€™m going to your house right now tomorrow!!!

  • FireRaptor 66
    FireRaptor 66

    Nuke the cube

  • Jackson Sandstrom
    Jackson Sandstrom

    He could break his backyard with that lava he gonna burn bruh never try this at home

    • Kent Jr Vlogs
      Kent Jr Vlogs



    yes science does rule

  • Cherry Lou Estabillo
    Cherry Lou Estabillo


  • Rian's Universe
    Rian's Universe

    Unspeakable, When the Covid-19 Virus is over, Rian would love to meet you man. He watches you everyday for the last two years. We gotta make it happen dude. You'd make my little guys world. You guys are awesome keep killing it and being great influences on kids and posting awesome videos!!! Throw us a comment that'd be so sweet!! Stay healthy and blessed! --Rian's Universe

  • Matthew Nicklas
    Matthew Nicklas

    I got one

  • Anadi Brito
    Anadi Brito

    You can only destroy it by melting it with over 30,000ยฐ hot stuff


    Fun fact: lava can't melt everything. And I am NOT talking about the cube.


      @Khadir Salaam Ok I can see where this is going. *Nowhere beacuse it's too late where I am to roast you.*

    • Khadir Salaam
      Khadir Salaam

      Ok think I see where this is going *Littarly nowhere because this isn't a full conversation.*

  • BlameTheUncle Gaming
    BlameTheUncle Gaming

    your content hurts my head

  • Zy mielle Reyes
    Zy mielle Reyes

    the tools will not do anything but the tank will maybe

  • Jun Abal
    Jun Abal

    Robux has also said the Fun is not enough of an effort by its employees who will not

  • Madison Craggs
    Madison Craggs

    Yo dude the cube ways more than me


    Me pls ๐Ÿ’–

  • RoccoPlayzFX

    where is pt 2

  • Lucaspizzas7890

    Unspeakable the frog

  • Bella and Daddy Cook
    Bella and Daddy Cook

    aha hahaha, it's very heard to brack to do that unspeakable you are my hero!

  • Typical Aaron
    Typical Aaron

    June 23 is my B day

  • Miley Kris Sanchez
    Miley Kris Sanchez

    SEE, james does not have glasses!

  • linda currie
    linda currie

    I know that would happen! 8:07

  • James Reitnauer
    James Reitnauer

    blow it up with tnt

  • Cali Reitnauer
    Cali Reitnauer

    yeah you are dangerous

  • James Reitnauer
    James Reitnauer

    your dangerous

  • Johanna Haavisto
    Johanna Haavisto

    James: its all about swiming bro! JAMES: AHHHHHHHH!!!

  • Alexia Lucas
    Alexia Lucas

    I have one of those cubes

  • Shennel Salwathura
    Shennel Salwathura


  • Supriya Murthy
    Supriya Murthy

    Make water vs Lava please

  • Yi Tan
    Yi Tan

    shoot a missel

  • Yellowblaze Powergirl
    Yellowblaze Powergirl

    That cube is insane ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  • Drew

    What about the army bases nobody can destroy them.

  • lyndseyhender

    destroy it with oobleck

  • lyndseyhender

    try to it with oobleck

  • Myla Truong
    Myla Truong

    Tungsten is a metal

  • Matthew Galvan
    Matthew Galvan


  • Evie Bragg
    Evie Bragg

    I want one

  • H Stefansdottir
    H Stefansdottir

    I Love Your Vids โค๏ธ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–

  • TheRmorgan502

    Window really dis no loves will because love

  • Andrew Feng
    Andrew Feng

    *when the golf head broke Me:OOOOOOFFF

  • Gary & Christina Balder
    Gary & Christina Balder

    I wonder how the neighbor feels...

  • Snehal Wagh
    Snehal Wagh

    fun fact: the sun is 999,998 degrees farenight dont judge me on my spelling im a kid

  • Kate Murphy
    Kate Murphy

    Great video Nathan

  • JosiahTube

    Hi plz give it to me

  • Isaac Appiah
    Isaac Appiah

    This is soo cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tyson Nelson
    Tyson Nelson

    get a tank

  • Kalumm Flowers
    Kalumm Flowers


  • scott castledine
    scott castledine

    Unspeakable I bought your own Murch From Cooper

  • simon zhu
    simon zhu

    Unskeaple: Donโ€™t try this at home Me: where r we going 2 get a undesturectble cube

    • Cartoon Playz
      Cartoon Playz


    • R.G.


  • Cole G
    Cole G

    people should figure out a way to make it lighter and make shields for police

  • Ace Yohance Coronel
    Ace Yohance Coronel

    Can you send unspeakable

  • Ace Yohance Coronel
    Ace Yohance Coronel

    Put some lava. And laser

  • golden moonz
    golden moonz

    Destroy the unspeakable Cube

  • golden moonz
    golden moonz

    Toys unspeakable Cube

  • golden moonz
    golden moonz

    You tooz

  • Humberto Vazquez
    Humberto Vazquez


  • ting xiao
    ting xiao

    make lava thats 3000 something

  • Luis Jimenez
    Luis Jimenez

    Gabe James and unspeakable you guys are the best yes good decent

  • melissa ramoutar
    melissa ramoutar

    Unspeakable : How do we get bedrock ? ๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜• James : Don't you put rocks under your bed Me : What!!! James Again : SCIENCE RULES !!!!!!

  • Tabitha Corra
    Tabitha Corra

    that cube IS NOT BREAKING!!!!!!!

  • Alexander Norton
    Alexander Norton

    If you haven't liked this video and subscribed then do that now and if you have unlocked then destroy it so that inside it is a like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashley Playz
    Ashley Playz

    Try using a tungsten pickaxe

  • Neil Landowski
    Neil Landowski

    surely a tank

  • asohlke

    I recognize that RC car

  • Bryan Desautels
    Bryan Desautels

    This metal cube is the second strongest thing on earth after a Diamond

    • Clb5208

      Stop the cap

  • Vivien Jackson
    Vivien Jackson

    Try a CHAINSAW >:)

  • blue turtle 999
    blue turtle 999

    If u do another one use a airplane or will destroy it

  • Eli Morris
    Eli Morris

    I will not let a park to stop me destroying UZload unspeakable you have done it I will destroy your account

  • Areale Hayes
    Areale Hayes

    it was redddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!