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  • Linda Skinner
    Linda Skinner

    Whenever you get sniped and Garry's mode4:40

  • Christina Deemer
    Christina Deemer


  • Noah Christophel
    Noah Christophel

    Make part 2 plz

  • Mateo Avila
    Mateo Avila

    Hi u

  • Kaden Pourafzal
    Kaden Pourafzal

    1000 cm is 32.8 feet

  • slogo 1
    slogo 1

    🗡️⛄💵🗾☂️⛸️🎨🚐🏠🛁 🙂🙂🙂🙂YES10000000000000000000000000cc👍🏻

  • Alyna Harrall
    Alyna Harrall


  • Tina S
    Tina S

    Love the videos

  • Sentle Mokone
    Sentle Mokone

    I have which every video

  • Nancy Bell
    Nancy Bell

    Drop it on gabe

  • Bro-Z Perfect
    Bro-Z Perfect

    Title: indistructable cube of 1000 cm: me before the vid: YOU GOT A INDISTRUCTABLE CUBE WITH THE SIZE OF A HOUSE?????????????! Me after: this scam is just an "Unspeakable" scam

  • Rebekah Barker
    Rebekah Barker

    i love this type of videos

  • Smudgelove


  • Smudgelove


  • Roy Alexander
    Roy Alexander

    Try to get a house on it :)

  • Cole Jeter
    Cole Jeter

    Watch 7:28 at 0:25 speed you can see the cap on the bottle just fly

  • Brad Rosenberg
    Brad Rosenberg

    Sooooooooooooo satisfying

  • Laurie Chunn
    Laurie Chunn

    I love Minecraft

  • Alex Cruz
    Alex Cruz

    How much dose it cost

  • Durham Back Office
    Durham Back Office

    unspeakable rocks

  • Alicia Mayhew Cavilla
    Alicia Mayhew Cavilla

    I’m watching this 4 months late XD

  • Kim Reyes
    Kim Reyes

    Unspeakable I so you're Skip

  • Becky Newman
    Becky Newman


  • AIDEN T.
    AIDEN T.

    Did you mean 4cm

  • Bella Fernandes
    Bella Fernandes

    Not my tricicyle James-2020

  • Tully Bowman
    Tully Bowman

    I’m watching this 4 months later

  • Dean Hamdan
    Dean Hamdan

    What about Friday how many hours on Friday

  • mangled_cookieS

    I’m watching this on Friday the 23rd of October 2020-

    • Beat blade Master
      Beat blade Master

      I’m watching this on the 25th October 2020

  • The Bro Micahroni
    The Bro Micahroni

    how did they mold it

  • Philip Kael Micua
    Philip Kael Micua

    When James dropped the cube to the paint that was cool

  • Abdul 7246
    Abdul 7246

    oooooooooooooooooooooh cooooooooooooooooooooool!

  • Martha Cruz
    Martha Cruz

    Imagene if he droped it on a tv

  • GummyGaming729

    Guess what? The people that are reading this message are the most amazing people ever to exist. You guys are talented, so smart and you each deserve more than what you have right now. I'm not gonna ask for you to subscribe or anything (although it would be appreciated), but I do want you to pass on this kindness. Tell you family or friends that they are amazing and tell them to pass it on and so on. I hope you have a great day. Stay safe and thank you for passing it on. :)

  • Ethan Oakes
    Ethan Oakes


  • Braydon Seals
    Braydon Seals

    If your watching 4 months from now you got no chance

  • Anita More
    Anita More

    how about 1000,000,000 km

  • Antonetta Torres maria
    Antonetta Torres maria


  • Tak Xie
    Tak Xie

    Hi 👇🏻

    • Tak Xie
      Tak Xie

      Hi 👇🏻

  • Angelyna Chaves
    Angelyna Chaves

    I am watching this on oct 18 😐

  • James Rocks
    James Rocks

    A human!

  • Onis Guevara
    Onis Guevara


  • Ryan Whitley
    Ryan Whitley


  • Stephanie moorehead Micheal mackey
    Stephanie moorehead Micheal mackey

    Unspeakable I love your videos can I have a toy

  • Aarjan Yasotharan
    Aarjan Yasotharan

    Who is better Nathan or Preston

  • Zed Gamer21
    Zed Gamer21


  • vicpolo3

    Unspeakable:We have everything Me:So if I go on that site I will get a unspeakable car

  • nuclear rust_7
    nuclear rust_7

    june 6th is my dads birthday

  • Jamal Ahmad
    Jamal Ahmad

    Having 12 cubes is heavy like the world or like everything or like dish or the A monster actually no monsters oh God

  • Bob Bob
    Bob Bob

    BeDrOcK pLs

  • Jeff Frommeyer
    Jeff Frommeyer

    that is a pretty perfect watermelon

  • Faisal Irshad
    Faisal Irshad

    unspeakable i need a march

  • Alex Averett
    Alex Averett

    I mean October 2020

  • Alex Averett
    Alex Averett

    Dude I’m in October so I can’t get the 2020 so I can’t get the 10% off😔😔😕🙁☹️

  • ironman 47
    ironman 47

    Sub to ironman 47

  • Trokum Yukum
    Trokum Yukum


  • RadicalYT


  • orca hiang
    orca hiang

    I just watch this video today

  • Megha Saxena
    Megha Saxena

    Go in your own airoplane go in the air and throw it

  • Asher Sorcic
    Asher Sorcic

    drop it on a CAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joshua Ford
    Joshua Ford


  • Edgar Rodriguez
    Edgar Rodriguez

    It’s go they is good

  • Crystal Hurlburt
    Crystal Hurlburt

    You should throw the whole Block through the fence

  • Mars Van der merwe
    Mars Van der merwe

    Do the MOON!!!!!

  • Crystal Hurlburt
    Crystal Hurlburt

    unspeakable theScience dude I’m speakable on speakable on speakable The science dude I’m speakable on

  • Karen Gilliland
    Karen Gilliland

    You should get two cubes

  • kavyansh chawla
    kavyansh chawla

    I am 4 months late

  • Dylan Garrett
    Dylan Garrett

    That yoga 🧘🏼‍♂️ ball looked like a volcano 🌋 exploding

  • 2D Star
    2D Star


  • Sharkmasterplayz

    If you like this comment I just have to say smh

  • Alisandra Johnson
    Alisandra Johnson


  • Nicole Dixon
    Nicole Dixon

    the galind will break

  • Nicole Dixon
    Nicole Dixon

    it will not break

  • mary colbert
    mary colbert

    1 like =1 prayer for steve and wendy

  • christhecat777

    uWu cube can breack me bone from only 4 feat

  • Simon Tetsuo
    Simon Tetsuo

    you said 45 at the beginning and than you said 42 at 8:37

  • 老钟看房

    I dare you to use a plasma butter

  • Jennifer Zulli
    Jennifer Zulli

    When do you have sum new mrich

  • Vanessa Rocha
    Vanessa Rocha

    Drop it in ublak

  • Nah Halls
    Nah Halls

    1000 cm is NOT ALOT

  • Gods of elements
    Gods of elements

    I saw the bottle cap go so high I just saw you pass you!🤣🤣🤣

  • Ethan Bone
    Ethan Bone

    that cube is $2499.99!

  • Gary & Christina Balder
    Gary & Christina Balder

    Throw it onto another unbreakAble cube

  • sandra sephton
    sandra sephton


  • Jerid


  • Ayden Shahidi
    Ayden Shahidi

    How to disstroy the cube is a is a bigger cube

  • Ramon Meier
    Ramon Meier

    hey u dont waste lego

  • Itz _rainsn
    Itz _rainsn


  • Brittany Curtis
    Brittany Curtis

    You are the best youtuber

  • Kirsty Bowen
    Kirsty Bowen

    It is my b day pls ca n I have a vid about me

  • Dovahshark

    0:40...what if i'm watching this video 4 months later tho?

  • Tracy Barker
    Tracy Barker

    What is the point of saying don't try this at home where would I get a metal that is used in wars

  • Gabriel Decastro
    Gabriel Decastro

    a boox riliy

  • Mr Slugz
    Mr Slugz

    And his name is "THE CUBE"

    • BOMB BOI
      BOMB BOI

      you are dope.

  • Candace Maitland
    Candace Maitland

    I'm a you tube br

  • Trevyn Howard
    Trevyn Howard

    You should break a car

  • Misti Crawley
    Misti Crawley


  • Megat Ali Zulqarnian
    Megat Ali Zulqarnian

    Im from the future from october so sad

  • Crisanto Santos
    Crisanto Santos

    Unspeakable:tuesday late Me:waching in oct.7.2020

  • Harsh Trehan
    Harsh Trehan

    whois watching this in 2o21

  • Annie Lana
    Annie Lana

    Unspeakable: shows cube Me: ItS tHe TeSsErAcT

    • Annie Lana
      Annie Lana

      @Will Schwartz 😁

    • Will Schwartz
      Will Schwartz